On a roll tonight huh?--> "College, The future"

This would be my second year in college. I find it to be a washing machine of emotions. I feel as though I have reverted back to my earlier high school days when the hormones were crazy and all I could think about was my crush. A crush I kept for four years!!! The guys (I perfer) in college are goregous, meaty, grown and so manly on first glance LMLSMH. But I talk to noone absolutely noone. I answer questions if asked and that's all. I mean I talk to my family also but anything thing social I try to avoid. I enjoy being alone, but in the college setting, it is an indeed alien concept.

At the age of 20 years I still have not mastered the concept of casually striking conversation about nonsensical things. I perfer a genuine spark with a hearty conversation leading into a world a depth. i actually appreciate a person who can talk forever and more because i am always up to listen, but sometimes I ponder with a heavy heart " Did I talk too little?" " Did I say a bit too much?"" Did I miss the point?" " I hope I didn't say anything offensive?"

Jeez after to reading those questions I might have a severe case of insecurity LMAO yikes.

The guys approach me and ask for a name or number but I always know what the intentions are. Some don't even talk they just attempt to grab and hold on if they can. Then there's the ones that really get my heart trippin and skippin. The guys that I catch peeking or staring when I am in the middle of a laugh or a thought. I don't know why but there's two guys on in the morning and one in the afternoon.

I guess I will update you guys later toodles!!